【old】After Graduation

Based on consecutive years of K-G9 instruction, we give support to the students to make decision on the post-graduation directions leading to their future dreams.

Paths of Our Graduates

The first graduates from Okinawa AMICUS International Junior High School will depart on March, 2017. The paths they choose to proceed after AMICUS will be posted on this page accordingly.

Sister Schools

In OkinawaOkinawa Shogaku High School (Okinawa)
Outside OkinawaLinden Hall School High School (Fukuoka)
Columbia International School (Saitama)
AbroadEltham College (Australia)
Fieldstone School (Canada)
Ojai Valley School (U.S.A)

Introduction of our Sister Schools Abroad

Eltham College (Australia)


Fieldstone School (Canada)

Ojai Valley School (U.S.A.)


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