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In 2011 April, Okinawa Amicus International was officially opened, with 196 students from kindergarten to grade 4 and there were two courses, namely, immersion and international. From April 2016, the school is fully functioning with students in every grade from Kindergarten to Grade 9. Above 95% of our student population are from Japanese families. To better cater to the learning needs of our students, the school is undergoing a transitional phase. A new structure has been approved by the board and will be introduced in SY2017 to create greater flexibility to maximise learning of our students. The distinction between immersion and international courses will be removed, however, the philosophy of Okinawa Amicus International remains the same and we will continue the rigor of our curriculum.


Students enrolled into grade 1 in SY2017 or after will adhere to the new structure. The current students who are enrolled into grade 1 in SY2016 or earlier will remain in the immersion and international courses.

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