From P's Room 2017 / 07 / 20

As Summer Break approaches….

A little over 3 months have passed since I joined the AMICUS community, and it’s already time to go on break for summer. I deeply appreciate the understanding and partnership, especially of parents.


Personally, I am thrilled by the students’ school life, beginning with the usual, hearty “Good morning!” as they walk through the school gates each morning. The tremendous pleasure and joy of anticipating, and witnessing the daily development of this exciting drama is mine!


With lively, lovely children as its central characters, and through the challenges of classwork and various activities, both on and off campus, AMICUS is dedicated to develop and encourage the attitude “to think, learn, and act independently.” The potential has no limits in leading us into the future. I am committed, with the help of parents and local community members alike, to continue exploring new ways of further promoting the schools appeal.


So, summer break is a time for children to continue learning, at home, and in the local neighborhood. I shared with students “how to spend your time is your own decision!” Just because it’s a long break, if you only think “I can go do this and that exciting experience” or “I can take back lost time to catch up with studying” or “I want to do this or that which I usually don’t get the chance to do” without actually doing it, then summer break will be over before you know it.


For the sake of making summer break meaningful, children may want to decide and plan “what I want to accomplish during summer break,” and have their family help them fulfill specific items on a list.


I want children to take the lead, to make choices for themselves; not Mom or Dad deciding for them. Parents please ask questions and encourage free expression of what your children want to do. Ask, “how do you want to spend your summer break?” or “what do you want to try this summer?”


Your questions should aim to accomplish the following 4 points: 1) urge them to clarify their own ideas, 2) encourage them to generate specific actions, 3) imagine their future, 4) be cheerful, giving positive, encouraging feedback.
If children can have a clear image of “what to do on their own” during the break, I am certain they will be ready to advance toward a goal even if Mom and Dad are not there to help them.


Please have a wonderful summer break!


I look forward to seeing all of you refreshed on August 23rd!!

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