Request for Contributions

Guidelines for Donations

Development of educational studies and enhancement of the facilities of Okinawa AMICUS International kindergarten/elementary school/junior high school.
Donation Amount
By corporation……100,000 yen / unit
By individual…… 10,000 yen / unit
Please complete the application for donation and send it to Corporate Headquarter contact indicated below by mail or fax.

Donation Form for Individuals (PDF)
Corporate Headquarter, AMICUS International School Educational Foundation
1212-1 Enobi, Uruma-city, Okinawa 904-2205 Japan
FAX: 098-979-4715
Tax Treatment
○ Corporation donation
If the donation is made through the “specific donation” system, the entire amount is authorized as an inclusion in deductible expenses, for the donor. The required forms for the inclusion in deductible expenses, “the donation receipt” published by Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan will be sent to the donor from the school.

○ Individual donation
A tax incentive (income tax deductibility) for donations to specified public-service promotion corporation can be received. There are two kinds of deductions, “tax credits” and “deduction of income taxes”, and one of the systems needs to be chosen when year-end tax adjustment is done.  “Receipt of the donation” and “Certificate of specified public-service promotion corporation” will be issued to the donator from the school.
Please contact your local tax office for more detailed procedures.
Please note that no donation is accepted from the parent of a child who wishes to apply for the entrance exam, prior to the enrollment.

Donations Procedure

By corporation (by using “specific donation” system)


By individual


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