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NameAMICUS International School Educational Foundation
Founding year2011
Chair PersonMr. Fumio Akao
Adress1212-1 Enobi, Uruma City, Okinawa, Japan 904-2205
Tel+81-98-953-2070 (Corporate Headquarter)
+81-98-979-4711 (Elementary & Junior High)
School ground area73,000㎡

Background of the Foundation

AMICUS was designed as the part of surrounding environmental improvement for OIST which was established in 2012.


The memorandum was signed by Okinawa Governor Hirokazu Nakaima, Uruma City Mayor Tsuneo Chinen and president of Obunsha Fumio Akao on July 25, 2008, and the project was officially started. On November, Okinawa Kokusai Gakuen Establishment Preparatory Foundation was officially established. We started the Pre-school in May 2010 and Okinawa AMICUS International Elementary school and Kindergarten opened in April, 2011.


SY2011Approved and established AMICUS International School Educational Foundation and Okinawa AMICUS International Kindergarten (K) and Elementary School (EL)

Principal Mr. Akira Yamauchi

Held the first entrance ceremony of Okinawa AMICUS International Kindergarten and Elementary School
Number of students: K:40, EL:156
SY2012Principal Mr. Kazuo Nakasuji
SY2013Principal Mr. Tomokiyo Arakawa
SY2014Approved and established Okinawa AMICUS International Junior High School

Held the first entrance ceremony for JH
Number of students: JH:39
SY2015Principal Ms. Eriko Wauke
SY2016Completion of the Annex building
SY2017Principal of Elementary and Junior High School
Mr. Nagatoshi Yasui
SY2019Headmaster and Principal of Junior High School
Mr. Hisao Onishi

Principal of Elementary school and Kindergarten
Mr. Sebastian Dakin
SY2021Principal of Junior High School
Mr. Sebastian Dakin

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