After Graduation

Based on consecutive years of K-G9 instruction, we give support to the students to make decision on the post-graduation directions leading to their future dreams.

Paths of Our Graduates




As of March 31, 2023.

Name of School
Mainland Japan (Private)Gyosei Kokusai HS (Chiba) - International Course
Hosei Kokusai HS (Kanagawa) - Global Course
Tama University Meguro HS (Tokyo) - General
Vantan Game Academy (Tokyo) - e Sport Course
Mainland Japan (Public)Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai HS - Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
Hyogo Kawanishi Hokuryo HS
Okinawa (Private)N HS - Net Course
Okinawa Shogaku HS - Challenger Course
Okinawa Shogaku HS - IB Course
Okinawa Shogaku HS - Top National Universities
Okinawa (Public)Chatan HS - General
Misato Technical - Department of Cooking
Gushikawa HS - General
Koza HS - General
Kyuyo HS - English
Kyuyo HS - Sciencce & Mathmatics
Futenma HS - General
Kaiho HS - Art
Kaiho HS - Academic Inquiry
Maehara HS - English
Hentona HS - Environment
Name of School
Mainland Japan (Private)Waseda Univ. Honjo Senior - General
Hosei University Kokusai - IB Course
Shonan Gakuin - General
Kindai University Technical College - IT Course
Nishiyamato Gakuen
Yame Gakuin - Super Advanced Course
Fukuoka Linden Hall - IB
Mainland Japan (Public)Hokkaido Shizunai Agricultural - Race Horse Fostering Course
Okinawa (Private)Okinawa Shogaku - Top National Universities
Okinawa Shogaku - IB Course
Okinawa Shogaku - Pioneer Course -Okinawa Shogaku - Challenger Course
Asuka Mirai Kizuna
N HS - Online
Okinawa (Public)Kaiho - Academic Inquiry
Kaiho - Art
Naha Kokusai - General
Naha Kokusai - International
Shurihigashi - General
Naha Commercial -International Economy
Nahanishi - International Humanities
Nanbu Commercial - Distribution Creation
Chinen - General
Kyuyo - Science & Mathematics
Kyuyo - English
Koza - General
Gushikawa - General
Chatan - General
Okinawa (National)NIT Okinawa - Bio Resources Engineering
OverseasHenry Wise Wood (Canada)
Nord Anglia International School Al Khor (Qatar)
Name of School
Mainland Japan (Private)Teikyo University HS
Tokyo Seitoku University HS
Jiyugaoka HS
Luther Senior HS
Okinawa (Private)Okinawa Shogaku (Top National Universities)
Okinawa Shogaku (IB Course)
Okinawa Catholic
Asahi Kashima HS
Okinawa (Public)Kaiho (Academic Inquiry)
Naha Kokusai (General)
Shuri (General)
Nahanishi (General)
Futenma (General)
Kyuyo (Science & Mathematics)
Kyuyo (English)
Kitanakagusuku (General)
Nago (Frontier)
Okinawa (National)NIT Okinawa (Media information engineering)
OverseasWesley College (Ireland)
John Scottus School (Ireland)

Please find the information on the paths of our graduates before from here.

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