Junior High School

Junior High School


Learning Emphasizing OUTPUT



In the classes of each subject in Junior High School, our students are asked to build up their knowledge through collaborative studies and to logically compile and present their own opinions in the report assignments, discussions and debates. Throughout the ninth grade (senior year in Junior High School), students engage in “individual project,” where they set up their own themes, conduct surveys/research, and make presentations. Combining such “Dispatching” ability developed in this project with “Language fluency” which is accumulated throughout the elementary school years, will be the driving force to launch the students into the internationalized society.

Characteristics of Subjects

ICT in Education

Towards Glocal Digital Citizens


At Amicus, we aim at fostering an appropriate attitude to participate in the information society.

Students are familiarized with Digital Ethics within moral education classes and whenever using technology or digital information sources such as search engines, online encyclopaedia, newspapers, etc.:

  • Lectures and discussions on positive and negative aspects of daily technology
  • Cross-curricular development of critical thinking and media & information literacy (validity and quality of information, opinions vs. facts…)
  • Netiquette (basic rules of conduct) and legal issues (material licenses, cyber-bullying…)

Through various projects, students are encouraged to become active producers of information, art and technology:

  • Writing and sharing (essays, reports, blogs, reviews, presentations…);
  • Audio-visual production (instructional videos, creative short movies, podcasts…);
  • Software and hardware design (video games, robots, electronic devices…).

Education in Library

The Media Center (Library) is located in the center of the school building. Children walk through the library to go to each classroom every morning. Since they have many opportunities to go through this hub, the library becomes a welcoming place for the students.

 A special feature of the AMICUS library is its volume of foreign books. As of 2016 School Year, the total is 11,000 books (6,300 Japanese books and 4,700 foreign books). Our foreign teachers help to select books which are worth reading and appropriate for the children. There are collections in English and Japanese for popular books, such as “Harry Potter”, or picture books. Therefore, the children can enjoy reading books in a unique AMICUS’ way, by reading one book in Japanese and try to read the same book in English or vice versa.
For the children who spend a long time of their lives in AMICUS, from Kindergarten to Junior High School, the media center is also a place to relax and socialize. We try to utilize the facility to fulfill children’s intellectual curiosity and watch over their growth through their reading experiences.


Daily Schedule (JHS)

8:15~8:30Arrival / Morning work
8:30~8:55Short time learning / Homeroom
8:55~10:401st and 2nd periods
10:40~10:50Presentation / Transition
10:50~12:353rd and 4th periods
12:35~13:40Lunch / Recess /Cleaning
13:40~15:255th and 6th periods

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