Today's AMICUS 2015 / 03 / 10

G5 13 year anniversary


Grade 5 had a 13 year anniversary on March 4th during 5th and 6th period.

Parents prepared a special lunch and special lesson.13 year anniversary, we call 13 iwai, this is Okinawan old tradition. Traditionally it was only for girls. A long time ago people counted when they had a baby they would count it as one year old, not zero.When New Year’s Day came they added one more year.So G5, students are 11 years old now, but with special counting they are 13years old, they have a 13 iwai.

G5 invited special guest speaker Ms Sakata, who told us about special birth education. Students and parents had a very good time.
G5 will be G6 soon. I hope they will be good leaders of our school.We would like to thank our parents for a special event for us.


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