Today's AMICUS 2015 / 07 / 13

Lecture about ICT Morals

We had a lecture about ICT Morals yesterday during 6th period for G5 to G8.

高宮城先生は、県内のさまざまな学校で生徒、保護者の方を対象に情報モラルについて講演を行っています。 The lecturer, Mr. Takamiyagi, is a specialist of issues for ICT and gives lectures at many schools in Okinawa.

今回は、携帯電話、スマートフォンなどの電子機器を安全に使うために、以下の3つのことについて話がありました。He talked to the students about using electronic devices such as smart phones and mobile phones safely and mentioned the following three points:

1.フィルタリングの設定  Setting for Filtering

2.親と一緒にルールを決める   Deciding Rules for using the Internet with Parents and Guardians.

3.相手を思いやる心 マナーを守る   Caring for Others, Keeping Good Manners.


He explained many topics in an interesting way and the students enjoyed his presentation very much. We hope students learned many things and will use good manners when using the Internet.

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