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出張学校説明会 AMICUS Café 9/5(sat)

9月5日(土)第2回 アミークスカフェ@ナハを開催します。
We will have “Amicus Cafe @NAHA” #2.



9月5日(土) 10:00~11:30
自治会館(那覇市旭町116-37)4階 第7会議室にて

The parents and teachers of AMICUS will talk about the school. over a cup of coffee. It is a casual session which you can frankly ask about anything!

Also, we are planning to offer a short immersion lesson for adults. It is a “hands on” opportunity to experience what your child would go through.

9/5 Sat. 10:00-11:30 AM
@ Okinawa Prefecture Municipality Hall(116-37 Asahi-machi Naha-city)
NO Reservation necessary. Just drop by!

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