Today's AMICUS 2016 / 03 / 11

G5 Camping! Day2

The fifth graders have had a great time and have learned a lot.

We did our own meal planning, shopping, fire starting, cooking, and camp set up, but now it is time to clean.
Some of the kids even decided to test their own fortitude with a night walk.
Here are some pictures from fire starting and dinner last night as well as striking the tents and cleaning the kitchen this morning.
We are all a little tired this morning, but in good spirits.

Grade 5 Completed their overnight field trip to Higashi Village. The students were not discouraged by the rainy weather. They faced each challenge with renewed enthusiasm. As a group we had three goals for this event. 1 for the students to work together to overcome various tasks. 2 for students to enjoy the outdoors. 3.for students to problem solve.

All students were able to work to assist their groups to be successful. The teachers and staff were impressed with their enthusiastic approach to each activity. They were able chose a menu for three meals, purchase the items  they needed in 30 minutes with a limited budget. They challenged  sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding (sup) and staying warm in very wet conditions. They worked to set up their tents and prepare all their meals after starting  the fire to cook their food. They learnt various ways about how to start a fire in emergency situations.

Students showed their  eagerness  to explore the surrounding area on their night walk by getting their raincoats on without prompting.

The second day was met with the  same fervor as students woke up before the set time so that they could get a head start on breakfast. They took apart the tents and prepared their lunches in advance before going to see local sites and learning more about nature.

There were challenges, areas of growth, and things to improve upon but for those please take some time to talk with the children.

The grade five team would like to thank everyone who made this trip possible including parents, Neos camping equipment, and AMICUS staff. We especially want to recognize the bus drivers who made the long trip up and back. Thank you.


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