Today's AMICUS 2016 / 10 / 28

G6 German Students Exchange

On October 14th, 20 German students visited AMICUS and had cultural exchange with our Junior High School students and 6th graders. At the welcome ceremony, Kindergartners joined us and performed a welcome song for the German students. On that night and the following day, 11 families from G5 to G8 hosted the German students as host families. We believe that these experiences help our students to gain interest and skill in hosting and communicating with guests from different nationalities and cultures.  Here are two reflections from the students.


6B Y.

In this program, I had very fun and valuable experience. We took Roman to Karate club and ate Shabu-shabu and shaved ice together. It was my first time to host a guest as a host family. I was a little nervous in the beginning but had much fun. I want to do it again the next time.


6A K.

I learned the importance of English through this exchange program. English works at most of the places in the world. I’m lucky to have English skills so I can make friends from other country easily. This program motivated me to improve my English skill and make more friends from other country in the future.



As a school, we believe in experiential learning and will continue to create such opportunities for our students to gain confidence in their cross-cultural communication skills.



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