Today's AMICUS 2017 / 02 / 13

Master of HANGA visited AMICUS!

Last week, Mr. Bokunen Naka, the famous artist of HANGA (woodblock print) visited at AMICUS. 

He came to see our Grade 4’s huge art piece. Grade 4 students were blessed to have question and answer session with him.

A boy asked him “Why you became a professional artist as an occupation?”

He answered “It is because I want to share how I feel with everyone. 

It makes me very happy when someone feels same way about what I think interesting or beautiful.
I was fortunate that people started buying my works. Then people started calling me an “Artist”. 

That’s how I became a professional artist.” 

All Grade 4 students were so thrilled to be with Mr.Bokunen. 

Wood block print learning experience at AMICUS may motivate some of our students to become an artist in the future!


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