From P's Room 2017 / 05 / 14

A gift from my mother.....

“Real learning” received from my mother


Although I was a personality like “striking the stone bridge carefully”, I have the experience of giving me “strength” like “pick up chestnuts in the fire”.


It is also the origin of my “philosophy as a teacher”.


It was October 35 years ago from now. Suddenly my mother fell down with illness when I worked as a teacher half a year ago.


It was just when the rice field was harvested and everyone in my family probably thought that she was overworked. Until then, my mother always stayed at home, I never thought deeply the meaning of my mother in my family.


However, when my mother was not in my family, there were lots of troublesome things. What I did not do, such as meal preparation, laundry, cleaning, etc., has attacked me.


A half year passed like that…


My mother died in the spring of 1984.


On the funeral day, students in my class took a thousand paper cranes and attended.


“Teacher, I am sorry… Our wish has not reached your mother…”


At that time, my tears overflowed and wept with a loud voice. It was very embarrassing, but I was very happy to feel pure attention of my students.


Students who think not only of me, but also my family. I felt the pleasure of the teacher.

After that, I lived for a while with my father, my sister and myself.


These things have already gone into the past, and now I can talk calmly.


I feel that I became stronger was the greatest guidance my mother taught to me through “Farewell to Death”.


It was a sudden and painful thing to say parental separation, but I think that I was able to catch up on my mother’s mind.


If my mother was still alive now, I must have become a weaker person.


I am grateful that my mother left in this way.

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