Today's AMICUS 2017 / 06 / 01

Pep Rally

​The Junior High School had a pep rally for those students who will be participating in a Kendo and Karate competition held this weekend.
The representative players made short speeches and Mr. Yasui gave them words of encouragement.
After that, all the students learned an interesting cheer from Mr. Masuda and dedicated one round of yelling for those students.
The following will be the the times, venue and participants who will be attending the competitions:
Kendo: Friday, June 2nd at Kadena JHS
Participants: Shingo Hokama (Grade 8)
Karate: Saturday, June 3rd at Uruma city; Gushikawa Gymnasium
Participants: Yuga Unten, Saki Kinjo, Masaka Miyagi, Ryusei Tamaki, Sora Nagahama, and Cole Kurahashi (All grade 7)

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