Today's AMICUS 2018 / 08 / 23

【Junior High School】SHINRO Info Session


And it’s back to school!  Always so nice to hear the energetic voices of our students!!


First day back at school, our students and parents of junior high attended their orientation for advancing to high school.  Since we have no high school at AMICUS, choosing your own path is up to the individual student (and of course, the parent).


Students have several choices — schools in Okinawa, schools outside of Okinawa, and schools abroad. A number of graduates / alumni also came, ready to give some advice and perspective on what turned out to be important as they chose their respective paths.



“You’ll need to practice your interview several times!!!”

“Obviously, you really need to do well… so study hard!!”

“You may want to review and revise your daily routine!!!”


They may not think they did anything out of the ordinary, but these are the words of close friends, who they had seen at AMICUS each day, until quite recently. And their words sink deep into students’ minds.


“Practice your interview in both English and Japanese!!!”

“Review and describe a list of advantages of AMICUS!!!”


Graduates and alumni reminded us of the benefits of learning at AMICUS. Things like its multi-cultural environment, and feeling relatively confident about speaking in public, before peers, are great advantages that are easily taken for granted, and not notice in our daily lives. The graduates added that they were reminded how wonderful it was to have grown up in such an environment. 


Now we are about to finish the month of August. 

It may seem long, but time really does fly!

I hope all your time remaining at AMICUS is spent well,

and for your best possible growth!!


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