Today's AMICUS 2018 / 09 / 05

【Elementary】Save the Minami Killifish from extinction!!! Epsiode 4


We added some water plants following

“the dirt project” of last week.


We carefully planted them in the pond,

to keep them from drying out.


We also had to move the plants away from each other, as they have different roles.


“Hey, I got it in!!”

“Good!! It’s staying there!!”

“The mud kinda feels like the rice field!!”


That’s right… it’s the same group of students that worked in the rice field. 


…And finally, we added the Killifish!!!



Our observation started as soon as we let the fish in. “What are they doing?” “Are they staying in one spot, or moving around?” “Are they swimming in groups?” 


These species are sensitive and vulnerable to a lot of careless human activity. We definitely can’t randomly shove our hands in and splash the water, nor give too much food. We also need to care about pesticides we spray in the surrounding plants.



This lesson was shown on the forenoon news on Okinawa TV!!!

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