Today's AMICUS 2018 / 11 / 29

【Elementary】G6 Exchange session with Chan Elementary School

Today’s AMICUS zooms in on the special exchange with Christian Alliance H.C. Chan Elementary School (Hong Kong). They first gathered in the Multi-Purpose Hall to get to know each other.


Students from Hong Kong gave a brief presentation to introduce their school, tourist spots, as well as gourmet in Hong Kong. Our students (G6) followed up by asking questions.


“Who is the leader of Hong Kong?”

“Her name is Carrie Lam Cheng.”



They wanted to learn more about Hong Kong and its leader. Then they all played the train game–the loser’s train of a rock-scissors-paper match becomes the tail.


They split up into groups for the main session, and this group had fun playing a game of table-tennis in pairs.


Another group produced a video clip of a language lesson. They took turns recording each other saying a series of words in both Japanese and Chinese. 



我怎麼幫你?” (Wo zenme bang ni? — meaning “How can I help you?” )

“Eh? Osama no pan mimi?” (phrases of spoken Chinese sound a bit like the Japanese pronunciation of completely unrelated ideas… like “the ear of the King’s bread”?)


AMICUS students got to practice listening to spoken Chinese.


They also enjoyed a calligraphy class. They taught each other how to write their characters. AMICUS students were amazed at the number of strokes there are in Chinese characters. They also learned how Chinese proverbs are expressed in a four-letter series of characters. 


In Origami class, students made some Christmas trees to take home.


Another group took visiting students on a school tour. They introduced the Minami Killifish of the G5 project, as well as the horses we keep at school.


Students regrouped in the Multi-Purpose Hall to eat lunch. 


“Why do you put rice in water?”

“I like having my rice soft.”


It was a precious moment for students to be able to experience cultural differences. 


Thank you for coming today!!!

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