Today's AMICUS 2019 / 12 / 13

【JH】Personal Project

9th graders presented their Personal Projects on December 10th and 11th.
They worked so hard on researching and presenting the projects in English, with topics they had chosen themselves.
The projects were based on a wide range of topics; some were experiences they have gone through before,
some were medical, and there were also specialized subjects…all of them were very interesting!
On the day, they invited many people to listen to their presentation;
teachers, students from other grades, parents, and some guests from outside of the school. 
Great job 9th graders on your research, preparations and even the management for the event!
That was the compilation of grade 9’s learning at AMICUS!
9th graders will be making their last effort towards high school examinations and their goals after graduation. Hang in there!

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