Announcements 2020 / 03 / 16

A Message From the Head of School

To All At Amicus


  Hello, this is Mr Onishi, the Head of School.

  First of all, I should say sorry to you all that you are unable to come to school on account of the new-type coronavirus. This is especially unfortunate and disappointing for those of you in the 6th and 9th grades. 

  Please understand that it is with your health as the priority that we have decided upon this. It is important that you yourself are careful to avoid infection. There is also the concern that being unaware of being infected you then become the means by which the virus can spread to your families and to others. Therefore, how you spend this time is important. Consider why it is that you are unable to come to school, and decide how to behave in consultation with your families, not forgetting to be thorough in washing your hands and gargling.

 So how are you spending the time? Are you all well? No doubt there are many who are overflowing with energy. How are your studies going? Please make sure that you properly complete the tasks set by your teachers.

 Even then there will be many who find they have time on their hands. How about using this time to go back and revise what you have studied, review those areas which you found or find difficult. You can then ask your teachers in April. Or how about doing some reading? Choose something you are interested in, find out about it, make up a report, a newspaper-style report maybe, or perhaps an illustrated diary. You can also help out around the home. In determining how to combine activities each day, you can practice learning how to use your time.

 I imagine that your grade or homeroom teachers will be contacting you and providing you with study to be getting on with. Please respond positively!

  But more than anything, it is your health and safety that is important. Take care not to get infected, and avoid other mishaps, and we hope to see you back at school hale and hearty when we reopen.

Head of School,  Hisao Onishi

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