Today's AMICUS 2021 / 05 / 06

【EL】A day at G4

They were learning big numbers through quadrillion using world population and money as examples.
Also, they learned the difference between how to count in English and Japanese and thought about what relationships there were with the numbers.
They were reading a story aloud. Many students spoke out their thoughts and opinions proactively.
They were reading a story on an iPad. Students will be exposing themselves to English more, as they read some books and use the iPad. 
They went outside and observed living things especially plants spotted in spring.
They closely looked at what living things look like by using the magnifying glass and drew pictures to describe its shape, color, and size.
They have been practicing ukulele. Sometimes, they go outside to practice when the weather is good.
On this day, they had an ukulele performance to the lower grade students!
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