Today's AMICUS 2021 / 05 / 21

【EL】G3 Field Trip to Ayahashikan & Katsuren Castle

G3 is learning about “The town we live in” in social studies class.
They went to Ayahashikan which is a roadside station, and Katsuren Castle.
At Ayahashikan, they learned the history of Kaichu Doro, a mid-sea road in Uruma, and the wisdom of the people from the past.
Later that day, they went to Katsuren Castle, to overlook the entire Uruma City to observe the townscape.
They found out new things and made comments such as “There are so many factories by the ocean,” and  “I see many houses over there!”
G3 students are now working on the sketch of the view from the castle in art class!


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