Today's AMICUS 2021 / 06 / 02

【Kinder】Explore the AMICUS forest to find creatures!

Kindergarten invited an insect researcher, Mr. Takeru Naka, to learn about insects.


Kindergarteners have been interested in insects and creatures in everyday life, and have various questions.


They started their day by having a lecture by Mr. Naka. 


After the lecture, they went to the forest surrounding AMICUS to actually find the insects and creatures!


In the forest, they came across countless creatures such as mantises, chicks, frogs, snails, larvae, and Anderson’s crocodile newt, a protected species of Okinawa and Kagoshima.


Children asked many questions to Mr. Naka while exploring the forest that increased their interest of the creatures! 


Thank you very much Mr. Naka for the fun and precious moment!




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