Today's AMICUS 2021 / 06 / 11

Distance Learning


AMICUS has been closed since Thursday, June 10th, as the Okinawa prefectural government requested schools to close.

Right from the beginning of the school closure, we have started our online lessons.

The classrooms without kids look little lonesome, however you can see how children are learning with the teachers on the screen!

In the morning, classroom teachers and children meet on Zoom and after that they move on to lessons.

Children utilize some apps and softwares such as Loilo Note or Google Classroom to make presentation materials and give presentations during the class.

They also work on the assignments and submit to the teachers online.

Children at after school care are also taking lessons and working hard online here on campus.

At kindergarten, teachers are making some fun videos for children so they can sing along and do their tasks at home.

Teachers are working very hard to provide the learning environment for children so they can continue with their learning at home!




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