Today's AMICUS 2022 / 01 / 18

【EL】5th Graders Participated in Taiwan's class online!

AMICUS 5th graders participated in a moral class given by the principal of Nan-Shi Elementary School in Taiwan during the school closure.
The class was conducted in Chinese, but there were English subtitles and explanations so that the AMICUS children could understand.
In addition, using the LoiLoNote application, children from both schools shared their opinions on the theme of “What is filial piety?”
In Japan, the general idea of filial piety is earning money and taking care of your parents when you grow up.
However, Taiwanese children say that even small things such as saying thank you and telling your parents where you are going before hanging out can lead to filial piety.
They learned that there are different ways of thinking about filial piety in Taiwan and Japan, which was an interesting insight for both sides.
Thank you very much to the teachers in Taiwan!
We are looking forward to the next interaction!

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