Today's AMICUS 2022 / 03 / 24

【Kinder】K2 Graduation Ceremony & K1 Project

Various events were held at the kindergarten before the spring break, including a marathon, a top contest, horseback riding, clean walk, and a graduation ceremony.

K1 children have been learning about food loss and garbage issues and thinking about what they can do as “Earth Savers”.

As a culmination of this project, they spent 1 hour and 40 minutes picking up trash along a 3-kilometer route on their way to school from the field trip to a park.


They picked up trash while thinking, “Is the can non-burnable trash?” “Is this burnable?”
After the event, they said, “We picked up so much trash! I think everyone in the world will be happy.” “I hope we can make the world a cleaner place by throwing trash in the trash cans properly.”

K2 children participated in the graduation ceremony.

When their names were called, the children responded “Yes!” and received their diplomas, showing their growth.
Congratulations K2, on your graduation! Let’s enjoy many new discoveries at elementary school!

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