Today's AMICUS 2023 / 05 / 11

AMICUS Garden Letter in May, 2023

In Okinawa, the season before the rainy season is called “Urizun.”

One of the attractions at AMICUS is these colorful seasonal flowers and plants that can be seen throughout the year!



Downy Rose Myrtle

Around May, it blooms pretty pink flowers all over the school grounds. The fruits (seeds) are somewhat aromatic and sweet.

It is a shrub, but there are some to grow up to over two meters in height.


Shell Ginger

In Okinawa, it is called “san-nin” and is a familiar plant. It is widely used as medicinal purposes, paper making, flower arrangement, and food (soba).

Thanks to Mr. Taira, our gardener, for keeping AMICUS garden beautiful!

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