Today's AMICUS 2023 / 05 / 31

【JH】Overnight Trip

Last week, the junior high school students had an overnight trip.



The 7th graders visited Ocean Expo Park and then headed to Nago Youth House, where they stayed overnight. They deepened their grade-level bonds through various activities.



The 8th graders learned about peace. They visited Kakazu-Takadai, the former Japanese navy underground headquarters, and the Himeyuri Peace Museum over two days to deepen their understanding of the Battle of Okinawa.



The 9th graders went to Tokashiki island to learn more about the culture, history, and nature of Tokashiki island. They also enjoyed activities different from those on the main island of Okinawa.



Blessed with fine weather, the two days were a memorable experience of junior high school life!

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