Today's AMICUS 2024 / 02 / 22

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It was a summery Thursday in February.
The AMICUS 6th graders welcomed 6th graders from Kansai University Elementary School, with whom they had been in contact online and through exchanging Christmas and New Year Cards but it was the first time to meet face to face.
The children, who had been nervous at first, soon became friends and in just a few short hours, it was hard to say goodbye to them. 
The exchange event was filled with a dance performance, a karate demonstration, a comedy show by Kansai University Elementary School students, and an Eisa performance. 
The exchange ended with a commemorative gift of a plastic keychain handmade by AMICUS students with AMICUS logo and AMICUS clear file.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the fun-filled exchange.
We would like to thank all the 6th graders and teachers from Kansai University Elementary School for coming to AMICUS!

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