Today's AMICUS 2024 / 04 / 09

【SY 2024 has started! 】JH Entrance Ceremony & EL/JH Opening Ceremony

The rain that had been falling since yesterday had stopped for a short while, and the start of the new school year 2024 has arrived with the JH Entrance Ceremony.



The new 7th graders looked very grown up in their new uniforms, so different from the elementary school uniforms they had been wearing until last month.



The ceremony was operated by members of the Student Council.



Along with the piano accompaniment of the new G7 student, the school song was also sung in high spirits.



At the end, everyone took a group photo.



We wish the new 7th graders a fulfilling junior high school life!


The opening ceremony for this school year was held in the gym for the first time in a while!

It was nice to have the opening ceremony with everyone.

For 9th graders, it is the start of their last year!



Tomorrow is the Entrance Ceremony for Kindergarten and Elementary School.

A little AMICUS kids will join us!


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