Announcements 2024 / 06 / 03

Announcement and Request for Support: AMICUS JH 2024 Musical Performance

Hello, everyone!


This year, Okinawa AMICUS Junior High School will present an inspiring musical based on the true story


of a strong woman in post-war Okinawa, titled “Sanma Democracy,” at the upcoming Performance Day.


To bring this wonderful performance to life, we need funds for costumes and stage sets.


Therefore, we are seeking your support.


Costumes are crucial to highlighting the characters’ personalities and stories.


To bring their dreams and passions to life, we need to create high-quality costumes.


Additionally, stage sets play a vital role in making our story captivating.


Beautiful backdrops and effective set designs will draw the audience into the world of the story.


We are currently facing a budget shortfall for the creation of these costumes and stage sets.


Hence, we are turning to crowdfunding to request your warm support.


The funds raised will be used to enhance the quality of the performance,


which our students will present with heartfelt dedication.



As part of our PBL classes, our school values providing students with opportunities to understand the arts and


express themselves in both English and Japanese.


Performance Day is a precious opportunity for them to showcase their dreams and talents, and to grow.


Your support will help us create a stage where they can shine.


Even the smallest donation will be a tremendous help.


We sincerely appreciate your support and cooperation. Thank you very much for your warm generosity.


★Click here to check the crowdfunding page★

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