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Information for Transfer Examination

Please check the information for transfer exams in SY2024. If considering transfer, please refer to the following details.
~Vacancy (as of April 2024)~ The recruitment grade indicates the child’s grade in School Year 2024, from April 2024 to March 2025.
Current Kindergarten: Not available
Current 1st grade (2017/Apr/2- 2018/Apr/1): Not available
Current 2nd grade (2016/Apr/2- 2017/Apr/1): Not available
Current 3rd grade (2015/Apr/2- 2016/Apr/1): Not available
Current 4th grade (2014/Apr/2- 2015/Apr/1): Available
Current 5th grade (2013/Apr/2- 2014/Apr/1): Available
Current 6th grade (2012/Apr/2- 2013/Apr/1): Available
Current 7th grade (2011/Apr/2- 2012/Apr/1): Available
Current 8th grade (2010/Apr/2- 2011/Apr/1): Available
Current 9th grade (2009/Apr/2- 2010/Apr/1): Not available
If you wish to observe the school facilities before applying for the transfer exam, please join a group tour.
~Recruitment of Transfer Students for Kindergarten 2 starting from April, 2025~
We will accept transfer students for K2 children, if circumstances permit. Details will be announced on our website in late October, 2024.
Download PDF files;
Details of each recruitment will be posted on the announcement page on our school website two weeks prior to the distribution of the application form. 

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