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To apply for our transfer examination for the 2019 school year, please read the “Transfer application summary” and register using the form.
We strongly recommend our school tour before applying (School Tour URL) We are currently setting the dates for the School Tour. We are planning to start again after GW.


~ Recruiting ~ (as of April, 2019)
G1 (No courses)
G3 (No courses)
G4 International course
G5 Immersion course / International course
G6 Immersion course / International course

G7 (No courses)
G8 (No courses)


Transfer application summary(EL)


Transfer application summary(JH)


~ The process from registering a transfer student to the actual exam date ~


Please register using the form below.

The complete application forms will be sent to your address about one month before the exam. ( Only for those grades which accept applicants )

You can find information therein, such as the date of exam and the deadline for application.

Please turn in the application form by the deadline. We only accept submissions to the office directly or by mail.

You will receive notification of the actual exam date about one week prior to the exam.

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