Frequently Asked Questions

I have summarized frequently asked questions. Please help us before inquiring.


  • Q Can a student apply for lower grades than his/her actual grade to be eligible to take an entrance exam?

    In compliance with the School Education Act, except in special circumstances, a student whose level is lower than his/her actual (age-related) grade-level will not be admitted.

  • Q When will the entrance exam be given?

    We are planning to give the entrance exam in November of the school year prior to the entrance. We plan to hold the information meetings for parents of prospective students between July and September of the previous year before admission.

  • Q What kinds of preparations are necessary for the entrance examination?

    No preparation is needed in particular. The paper test for the elementary entrance is not designed to check applicants’ reading and writing skills in English or Japanese. Therefore, students don’t need to practice writing and reading in advance.

  • Q What kind of things will be checked at the examinations?

    In the interview, we are looking for parents who can support and understand the education policies and values of Amicus. The entrance examination process includes individual and group activities. For elementary school, a paper examination is added, and English comprehension in listening will also be checked.

  • Q Is it possible to pass the exam if my child cannot speak Japanese?

    For kindergarten, Japanese ability is not required.

    For the Elementary School, basic Japanese communication skills are recommended but are not essential for entrance.


  • Q I would like to know the process on how I can transfer my daughter into your school. Do you have any examinations?

    Yes, there is an examination.

    Please find more details from here.


  • Q Do you accept short term stay?

    We do not have short-stay programs.


  • Q Do you have a curriculum that runs the subjects such as science, mathematics, and literature in English?

    Yes, we do. English is used for all of the subjects except Japanese and some parts of social studies.

School Schedule

  • Q When does the school year start?

    The school year starts from April.

  • Q Can I have a detailed calendar of class days and school holidays?

    The detailed year schedule is available only for Amicus students and parents.

    For your information,Long school holidays are…
    ◆Spring break (End of March through the beginning of April, approx. two weeks)
    ◆Summer break (Middle of July through Middle of August, approx. one month)
    ◆Fall break (In October, approx. one week),
    ◆Winter break (During the holiday weeks, approx. two weeks).

School support

  • Q Could you please give me information about the school bus schedule and bus stop?

    The bus timetable is not public, but you can view the reference time at the school briefing.
    You can check the location of the bus stop on our homepage.

Entering high school

  • Q Are there any exemptions when taking examination of your sister schools?

    The entrance examination which students take to enter Japanese high schools is not a requirement to enter high schools overseas. Students who have enrolled in AMICUS examined if they need ESL support by taking the English test. For the advantage of being a sister school, the admission fee will be partially exempted.
    When taking entrance examinations for sister schools in Japan, students will be counted as special entry, and have tests which differ content from the regular one.

  • Q Do you have a high school?

    We have kindergarten, elementary and junior high school, but not high school.

Study Abroad

  • Q Do you provide short-term programs studying abroad?

    We have a three-week study abroad program at our sister school, every summer; Eltham College, Melbourne, Australia. Participants take classes with local students, and they experience homestay in an Australian household.

School Visit

  • Q Is it possible for us to visit your school?

    For those who wish to enroll in the middle grade of kindergarten and 1st grade of elementary school, we hold school info-sessions in July and September every year. We will show around the classes and explain about our curriculum. FAQ desks will be available to find the information such as fees and after achool supports etc.
    And for those who wish to enroll in as a transfer, we have school tours, usually once a week. (There might be some weeks the tour is not available.) Please qulick the link below, as you may need to register for the school tour.

  • Q Is it possible for us to visit your school during long term vacations?

    We are afraid that we do not accept school visits during the long-term break because teachers have training programs and they are preparing for the classes after the break.
    However, we can hand out school information documents.


  • Q Do you have summer programs?

    We do not offer summer programs.

  • Q Do you provide support to take student visa?

    We do not provide support for student visa.

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