Today's AMICUS 2015 / 06 / 11

G5 Peace Education

On Monday, June 8th, grade five went to Tsushimamaru Memorial Museum, Kozakura Monument and NHK Okinawa for peace education.

At the Tsushimamaru Museum students watched pictures and viewed items belonging to the victims of the tragedy.
Tsushimamaru got attacked by the American submarine Bowfin and 1482 people disappeared.
At the lunch time we ate only one small riceball. After that, many students said, “I’m so hungry”. We wanted students to feel what children on the Tsushimamaru voyage might have felt like with limited food to eat.At NHK Okinawa , students watched victims of the Battle of Okinawa and saw pants, bags, a school progress report card and more items belonging to the victims.


After our visit many students expressed how important it that they can stay with family, have food to eat, attend school and live normal life. Our students hope for world peace. 

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