Today's AMICUS 2017 / 02 / 03

Huge HANGA works!

As you walk into our library, you will see a huge HANGA (woodblock print) work hanging on the wall.

That is part of AMICUS’s art lesson we do in Grade 4. Thanks to Bokunen Museum in Chatan, with collaboration with Mr. Bokunen, our students were allowed to stay in the museum without other visitors. Having the museum to themselves, they were able to admire and appreciate the art pieces better, they were inspired to make their own pieces of art when they left the museum.

For this year, the theme is “Landscape in Okinawa.” They spent two months working on this project. Year by year, the quality of the work is improving. Please look up when you come into the library, you can’t miss the works since these are huge.

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