Today's AMICUS 2018 / 05 / 15

【Kindergarten】School Bus Orientation.

We heard the “Ton, Ton, Tomare!!” chanting by the kinders, when they were just about to cross the road. They did very well that they remember what they learned yesterday in the Road Safety Orientation.


Unlike the School Bus Orientation with the Lower-Elementary Students, the kinders need to learn from the very begininng. That is, to put the seatbelt on. Their hands are still little, and it is quite a task trying to fasten them. In that case, they get the help of the bus assistant. We definitely need to make sure that they are safe.


Being a kinder, the view from the emergency exit must have been very high. But it’s OK, the teachers were there to help. After getting off the bus, the kinders lined in a straight line in a very orderly manner. Even if they are kinders, they still need to act accordingly to the rules.


The lesson goes on even after they got back to class. Yes, they remember the rules perfectly!


Well done kinders!!!


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