Today's AMICUS 2018 / 05 / 14

【Kindergarten】Road Safety Rules Orientation

At AMICUS today, we had an orientation on road safety for the Kindergarten and the Grade 1 students. 
The orientation started off with a video clip of the actual traffic accidents recorded on traffic cameras. The students were reassured of how terrible traffic accidents can be.
“Ton, Ton, Tomare!!” was the rhythm they learned today, when they stop at a road-crossing. They were reminded to stop and chant the rhythm, check their left and right, then start crossing.
First grade students may be young and little, but they are the elder brothers and sisters when they get together with the kinders. They learn to help the younger ones, just as they were helped by the Junior High School students with the Sports Test. It’s a big advantage for our school that even the first grade students have chances to become the elders, and learn to support the younger students. 
Thank you G1 students!!

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