Today's AMICUS 2018 / 05 / 14

【Elementary】Excursion Day! Grade 2~5

Today, students from grade 2 – 5 went on an excusrion.


Grade 2 students went to Okinawa Zoo & Museum. Of course it is a lot of fun watching the various animals, but it’s also interesting to find out things about their ecosystems and how they defend themselves from predators. Also, there were animals you can only find in Okinawa. In the Wonder Museum section, there were many activities in which they can participate. The whole place may be a lot more fun for adults.


The grade 3 students went to visit the Okinawa Oil Base and the Gushikawa Heat Power Plant. In their grade 3 curriculum of social studies, they focus on learning things outside of school, around cities close to our school.  It was a good chance for the students to learn what, and how the facilities work, and how they contribute to our daily lives. The students all learned that they need to save their use of energy.


The grade 4 students went to the Gushikawa Fire Station. The students got to learn a lot about various types of rescue operation vehicles. They had a chance to get up on the automatic ladders, and put on the safety jackets of the firefighters. It really was a great job experience for the students.


The 5th graders went to have golf lessons. In Japanese curriculum of Physical Education, the students learn to play sports with specific rules and goals. Golf is one of them, however, the students don’t have many chances to play golf at school, so this was a good opportunity for them to experience the sports. They learned manners started off with an orientation, to find out the manners to play golf. The golf clubs were as tall as their height and are difficult to swing. Also it was quite difficult trying to hit a ball that is not moving. The students challenged bunker shots as well.

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