Today's AMICUS 2018 / 12 / 01

【Elementary】G6 - The Last Performance Day

Elementary School Performance Day was held last Saturday at our school gymnasium.

This will be the final Performance Day for our G6 students.

Today’s AMICUS has focused on G6 behind the stage. Though a little nervous, students presented themselves confident and excited.


Each class played a song. “U.S.A” by DA PUMP, “Gakuen Tengoku” (translated, “College Heaven”) by Finger 5, and “HERO” by Namie Amuro. Each of these are Okinawan originals (performed by local artists), and it makes us all so proud!


Being unable to applaud or cheer out loud from back-stage where they were concealed, they were motivated to express that affect by giving their best performance, in turn.


After the “selected” group played their number, all 6th graders congregated to sing a song. Some students were teary-eyed, as they reminisced on precious moments of the past several years.

Fabulous performance, G6!!!

I hope you enjoy the remaining 3 months of elementary school!!!

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