Today's AMICUS 2018 / 12 / 03

【Elementary】G4 Hanga Project

Each year, G4 students–as a grade–work on a big “hanga” (wood block print) project. This year, just as always, they visited the Bokunen Art Museum in October, and were inspired by Mr. Bokunen’s work.

 Now that we’re finished with Performance Day, G4 is ready to give more attention here.


This year’s theme is “Kijimuna~” (a fictitious and fun-loving character, resembling a troll in Okinawan folklore, said to live among the branches of a Gajumaru tree). Students first draw the picture by pencil, and they trace the lines with a marker before proceeding to carve it. The Kijimuna~s seen between the flowers are very cute and appealing.


The other half of the class was working on individual projects. Those are also focused on the same theme, “Kijimuna”. It’s very interesting to see the varying images, of the same playful Kijimuna motif drawn on their board. Looking forward to see their finished product(s)!

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