Today's AMICUS 2020 / 02 / 07

【EL】G4 Field trip to Shuri Castle

G4 students went to Shuri Castle for a field trip.
They took the monorail to Shuri station and viewed the town of Shuri with many houses which have red roof tiles.
After having a short tour of the castle with the help of a guide, they interviewed people such as tourists from overseas,
visitors from mainland Japan, and the staff in Shuri Castle.
They were also able to see the Seiden(the castle’s main hall) which was burned down on October 31st of last year.
Later that day, they thought about 15 recommendation spots of their own in Shuri Castle, which you can look around in an hour.
They are going to give a presentation about what they learned through the trip
to the Bechtel Elementary students coming to AMICUS on the 14th of this month.
The visit to Shuri Castle was aired on TV!

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