Today's AMICUS 2020 / 02 / 27

【Kinder】Performance Day!

Kindergarten held their Performance Day on Saturday February 22nd.
The theme was “Kindergartner’s Adventure.”
There were five different scenes showing their daily activities at kindergarten,
and they made plays using their knowledge of animals, fruits, and vegetables.
For instance, K1 kids presented about the foods’ nutrition;
“Lemon is good for your skin!”, “Corn is good for your stomach!”…and more!
K2 kids made up their plays with their broader interests of the world like;
They taught the audiences what they’ve learned about extinct animals saying,
“Dodo and Quagga are the extinct animals!” 
They also demonstrated “How they do rock scissors paper in Indonesia”.
Wearing the wonderful costumes that their parents have prepared for them,
the kindergartners looked very happy while their performances!
Kindergartners successfully showed what they’ve learned through this year!

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