Today's AMICUS 2020 / 03 / 13

【EL】1C:Making Yushi-dofu



School has currently been closed, but we would like to share an update about children’s school life.


On February 27th, 1C students tried making “Yushi-dofu”(Okinawan Tofu Soup).


First, grind the soaked soybeans with a stone mill, then remove the solid(okara) and extract the soymilk.


Heat the soymilk in a big pot and add nigari(bittern) into it.


After heating it for a little while, finally, it’s ready to eat!


The Yushi-dofu they’ve made by their own was very fluffy and tasted so good!


Some of the children ate it for their first time, but they seemed like they liked it a lot!




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