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【EL】G5&G6 Sports Day!

The elementary school finally had the Sports Days by each grade to prevent 3Cs. 
Most of the school events had been canceled last year because of Covid-19 restrictions,
so it was the first Sports Day for the elementary students in two years!
The children’s faces shone with smile under the clear sky!
This time, we will introduce G5&G6’s Sports Day held on July 5th.
The contents of G5 Sports Day were; obstacle race, Bojyutsu & Eisa (Okinawan traditional performance), and relay.
G5 students had learned Bojyutsu & Eisa from Mr. Sakijyo from Uruma city Tengan Youth Group and practiced very hard each day.
On the sports day, they performed dynamically along with the Sanshin played by Mr. Sakijyo.
They also filmed their performance and sent the video to the Uruma city Kosei-en (nursing home).
We hope they were pleased to see the children’s Eisa.
The obstacle race and the relay were also exciting!
The contents of G6 Sports Day were; obstacle race, dance, and relay.
G6 students had learned Hip-Hop dance from the professional dance instructor from Kadena Performance and Art Studio “KPAS.”
Although they had a short practice period, their dance made the audience excited!
The children themselves also enjoyed the obstacle race and relay!
It became a memorable event for the 6th graders last year in elementary school!




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