Today's AMICUS 2021 / 10 / 05

【EL】Japanese: Special Lecture by A Newspaper Journalist

4th graders and 5th graders are learning Japanese units “Let’s write a newspaper” and “Let’s read a newspaper” respectively.
They invited Mr. Sekido, who is a newspaper journalist of Ryukyu Shimpo (one of the Okinawan local newspapers) to learn from him about newspapers.
Mr. Sekido talked about how journalists work, important tips when writing articles, and how to interview someone, and more. Children seemed to be very interested in his lecture!
Also, they actually looked through a newspaper to find what made it interesting, and they even tried an interview with their friends by using some tips learned by Mr. Sekido.
It  became a meaningful and deep learning opportunity for the children!
Thank you very much, Mr. Sekido!



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