Today's AMICUS 2024 / 05 / 02

Colorful Day @ AMICUS

Today at AMICUS, we are in the midst of Colorful Day!

This is a day for students to come to school wearing clothes of their favorite color.

Preparations started yesterday after school.

Now, how should we display these colorful umbrellas?

If we just tie them up with string, they will fall off…



After much trial and error, we decided to drill a hole in the tip of the umbrella!

Then, we put the string through the hole and fixed it!




A beautiful umbrella promenade is now complete.



Now, the day of the colorful day.

In the classrooms, children wrapped in their own colorful clothes look very happy!





The 5th graders were having fun in the color coordinated tug-of-war in the corridor!




We hope everyone’s day was a colorful and enjoyable one!


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