Today's AMICUS 2024 / 05 / 10

A Moment at AMICUS

How are you all doing?

It is said that the rainy season is about to start in Okinawa.

But we are currently enjoying sunny weather!


In this blog article, we would like to share with you some scenes from our daily life at AMICUS!


Morning assembly for the lower grades was held.

After the assembly, everyone is returning to their classrooms.



But even after everyone had left, the two girls didn’t seem to be returning to their classrooms…


They were talking with the principal.



I listened carefully…

“Mr. Principal, what kind of trick was it?”  “Tell me the secret!” They said.

The principal actually performed a magic trick for the children at the assembly that day.

It was a magic trick using a plastic bottle in the principal’s hand.

The bottle was filled with clear water, but when the principal put it in his hands, it was a miracle!

The shaken bottle of water quickly turned to colorful liquid!

The girls wanted to know the trick.


As mentioned in last week’s Colorful Day blog, beautifully colored plastic umbrellas are still displayed in the courtyard.

The bright sun was shining on them, creating beautiful and colorful shadows under them.

It was so beautiful that I snapped this photo.



Today, we also had the evacuation drill.

Students from the elementary and junior high school evacuated to the school grounds in case of a fire.

They were able to evacuate quickly and quietly.



Well, it’s Friday!
Have a great weekend and will see you next week!

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